CAI, a global technology services company, has announced that Brookfield Properties, a design services and development company, will increase neurodiversity employment with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions, a state-of-the-art neurodiversity service, within its sales segment. Brookfield Properties will open a new project with three people with neurodevergers as well as a team leader to support and monitor the program.

Unemployment of adults with a neurodevelopment rate of 30 to 40% is equivalent to eight times the number of people without disabilities1. People with neurological differences including but not limited to autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD offer different perspectives on data analysis and problem-solving. Thus, people with a neurotransmitter have difficulty finding employment due to frequent interviewing techniques and job security due to the lack of housing at work2. With a successful program of working with neurodiversity that replaces the traditional methods of interviewing and creating a supportive environment, Neurodivergent team members from CAI Neurodiverse Solutions experience equal or greater performance than their neurotypical peers.

With a focus on continuity of diversity, equality, and inclusion, Brookfield Properties is upgrading its diverse skills and hiring veterans to enrich its team.

Vern Johnson, director of Human Resources for Retail at Brookfield Properties explained. “Diversity and inclusion are not just about Brookfield Properties. Bringing together different situations, perspectives and events is an integral part of our mission. It is woven into the DNA of our company. We decided to work with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions to help refine. Support neurodiversity efforts by promoting our community and culture. This will always be very important to us. “

“When we think differently, we challenge the status quo and reach new levels of success, It’s a win-win—employers benefit from thought-provoking neurodivergent employees, and neurodivergent employees benefit from rewarding and life-changing careers.”

                         – Anthony Pacilio, vice president of Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI.

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions will provide ongoing support as the Brookfield Properties team grows. This program provides a pipeline of different talents and enhances the company’s reputation by ensuring cultural excellence and maintaining high security and product prices.

About CAI

CAI is a global technology service company with more than 6,500 subsidiaries worldwide and annual revenue of $ 1 billion +. We have over 40 years of expertise in integrating talent and technology to provide the best possible solutions to our clients, colleagues, and the community. As a private company, we are free and committed to doing what is right – whatever can be done. Our feedback-based solutions create a lasting impact on the public and retailers, and we are pioneers in bringing neurodiversity to the business.

About Brookfield Properties

Brookfield Properties is the leading developer and operator of high-quality real estate in the world. We operate in almost every building area, including offices, shops, large families, hospitality, and facilities, operating more than eight hundred buildings and more than 375 million square feet of buildings in city gates around. The world represents Brookfield Asset Management, one of the top equipment managers around the world. With the prospect of continuity, commitment to excellence, and a driver of continuous improvement in the planning, updating, and management of buildings and their region, Brookfield Properties anticipates buildings from the bottom up.