Milwaukee-based PEO and HR Outsourcing Firm EmPower HR today announced that it is split into Vensure Employer Services, a Phoenix business offering PEO solutions and employee outsourcing to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Through its sponsors, including VensureHR, the company spends more than $ 25 billion in payments and supports more than 550+ workplace employees. The terms of the agreement were not published.

In partnership with the merger, EmPower HR expects to expand its platform to provide a wide range of social media to its customers, which includes small to medium-sized businesses, especially in the Midwest and beyond. EmPower HR, LLC will operate as part of Vensure. President Scott Carter will remain in office, with the current leadership team.

Founded in 2004, with services that include payroll, medical and voluntary benefits, employee compensation, risk management, and HR management, Vensure companies support a wide range of industries. Allowing small business owners to effectively manage HR activities and monitor their growth and make a profit.

“Vensure shares the same values that we do.  We conducted an extensive search for an opportunity like this.  They’ve exceeded our hopes for a firm we can partner with and continue the tradition we have for excellent service, deep expertise, and an environment our clients and partners want to be a part of, Joining forces with Vensure will give us significant resources to embark upon our next phase of growth at EmPower HR, We will continue to serve as loyal partners to our clients navigating market volatility, and this investment from Vensure will enhance our ability to serve an even wider array of small-to-mid market businesses looking to access human capital services.”  

                                                                                -said Scott Carter, President of EmPower HR.

Carter of EmPower HR says the partnership will help the company find growth opportunities while maintaining a critical role in supporting small and medium-sized businesses with ever-changing employees.

“The partnership with the military and Vensure will give us the resources we need to begin the next phase of EmPower HR growth,” Carter said. “We will continue to act as loyal partners to our customers, which will lead to market changes, and this Vensure funding will increase our ability to serve the majority of small and medium-sized businesses seeking access to social economy services.”

About EmPower HR Founded in 1995, and based in Milwaukee, EmPower HR offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. Their services are available and include personnel consulting, personnel management and payroll, risk management and compliance, compensation management, and basic recruitment. Encouraged by true collaboration and uncompromising responsibility, EmPower HR serves 5 to 500 employees in all industries.

About Vensure – Founded in 2004, Vensure Employer Services provides PEO solutions and human resources to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Through its sponsors, including VensureHR, the company spends more than $ 200 billion in payments and supports more than 576,000+ website employees. These services include payroll, medical and voluntary benefits, employee benefits, risk management, and personnel management.