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Jobseeker Nation: What Candidates Really Want

June 30

Jobseeker Nation: What Candidates Really Want

June 30, 2022

While talented roles and HR teams have invested countless hours and hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few years to improve the candidates experience, the fact remains that this concept has shifted from being an abstract, subjective, and largely theoretical part to a critical business need.

With unemployment data looking to hit historic lows each month, coupled with unprecedented levels of voluntary and corporate income, talent recruitment has reached an industry-wide inflection point.

With tens of millions of job openings, clerks, and light industry workers in the US alone, among a huge number of “essential” workers, they are essentially the new software engineers in San Jose: the demand for all workers, at all levels, increases enormously Industries, roles, and markets simply cannot keep up with the limited and dwindling number of available talent.

As this work imbalance increases, talent acquisition and retention become significantly more important to larger companies and the bottom line of nearly all employers. The fact is, business success now, more than ever, starts with dating success. And, just like before the pandemic, success with the nomination starts with the candidate experience.

But it’s time to rethink, redefine and rediscover the concept of ‘candidate experience’ in talent recruitment and acquisition. It’s no longer about sending bulk notifications to unemployed candidates, creating an engaging consumer-focused career site, or implementing a chatbot or CRM to build pipelines for future recruiting needs.

The candidate experience is no longer about engagement at scale; It’s about creating high-impact personalized experiences for the few qualified, interested, and available employees, always in real-time.

More importantly though, don’t ask what job seekers can do for your company, but what your company can do for job seekers. This is because experience is entirely dependent on expectations – and meeting or exceeding those expectations in the hiring process can make the difference between a successful hire and an epic failure.

Therefore, this session will outline what job seekers want, giving talent acquisition and recruiting professionals an in-depth look at changes in candidates motivations, methodologies, and mindsets in the new world of work.


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