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The New Ethics of Leadership

July 28, 2022

The New Ethics of Leadership

July 28, 2022 

The last two years have given me a lot to think about. We change when, where, and how we work. People are looking for entirely New Ethics of Leadership to purpose and fulfillment.

Despite persistently high unemployment, we are seeing talent shortages and massive declines in record numbers month after month. The balance seems to be shifting: workers have more power than ever before and demand far more from their employers. In this rapidly changing talent landscape, organizations must adapt to survive.

The good news is that this change is possible and better for everyone. But to remain competitive over the long term, organizations must strive to take better care of all their people, maintain a culture of ethical leadership, and foster trust and autonomy in everything.

As issues of diversity, equality, inclusion, and connectivity (DEI&B), climate change and artificial intelligence (AI) come to the fore, leaders can no longer expect shareholder value to grow without increasing shared values. Mission and margin, profit and principle, success and meaning are now inextricably linked. We are in the midst of an ethical crisis that confronts leaders with troubling problems, profound dilemmas, and painful deviations. People are exhausted and look to leaders for answers, guidance, action, and hope.

At first glance, there is nothing new about ethics in leadership. Honesty, transparency, respect, and reliability are always valued by employees. What has changed is the extent to which these attributes are viewed by employees, investors, and customers as having off-the-table interests—and the expectation that ethical considerations extend beyond the real and virtual walls of today’s organizations.

Educational Objectives:

  • Understand the characteristics that define an ethical leader
  • Discover how ethical leadership drives organizational success
  • Learn to overcome the ethical dilemmas imposed by technological progress


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