Lever, a leading talent management team, has launched its talent maturity model to help companies understand their existing employment practices and target advertising areas. Companies are forced to adapt to the changing conditions and demands of today’s competitive market in order to hire the best employees.

According to the BLS in June 2022, there were $ 1.4 million in vacancies, indicating that companies are still struggling to hire the most competitive company. While it is clear that hiring and acquiring talent is more important than ever for brands and companies, companies sometimes do not see flaws in their hiring practices that could affect their ability to compete in the marketplace. The talent maturity model was developed by Lever to help companies assess their current skills, understand their short- and long-term goals, and develop a plan to help change their recruitment skills.

“It’s critical for companies to understand where they may fall short when it comes to their talent acquisition process. Whether companies are still hiring at a high volume, or focusing on retention, with Lever’s Talent Maturity Model, our goal is to support companies in knowing what’s needed to thrive and grow while providing practical steps on how to get there.”

                                                                                               – Nate Smith, CEO, and Founder of Lever