Atomic, the industry’s top supplier of payroll connection, declared today that it is extending the scope of its solution offering beyond consumer-permitted access to include connectivity for administrative systems used by employers and human resources. When it comes to integrating with various HR systems, Atomic wants to provide clients with the most thorough coverage, the quickest time from integration to go-live, and a dramatically better product experience.

With the addition of EmployerLink, Atomic becomes the industry leader for payroll connection integrations and authentications that provide access to financial data in payroll systems and human resource platforms for both consumers and companies. Together, these two options constitute a crucial progression for Atomic’s operations that will improve the company’s ability to serve its current clientele while also growing the total addressable market. Employer benefits earned wage access (EWA), and worker’s compensation insurance are the initial use cases that Atomic’s EmployerLink products will cover.

“We’re excited to work with Atomic to advance our commitment to developing best-in-class employee financial wellness benefits, Atomic’s EmployerLink suite enables us to provide a frictionless experience for our clients, further powering Seedwell to lead in personal finance automation and wealth building for employees.”

– Swetha Kulandaivelan, Product Manager at Seedwell

Atomic is collaborating with a group of businesses, including the aforementioned Seedwell that will soon introduce ground-breaking new solutions by utilizing the EmployerLink suite. Numerous Atomic clients have already welcomed the company’s decision, and they are discovering fresh ways to grow their enterprises’ thanks to this improved connectivity.

Given our distinctive technology advantages, trust and customer traction, shown the capacity to scale, and team’s knowledge in the financial services industry, Atomic is well-positioned to take on this extended market. We were able to capture considerable volume and demonstrate the scalability of our system by first concentrating on fintech firms and neobanks with large client bases, said Jordan Wright, CEO, and Co-Founder of Atomic.

The announcement follows a record-breaking year for customer traction in which the company expanded to support over 160 clients and partners, including well-known fintech companies Propel, Dave, and Coinbase, as well as Jack Henry, Hydrogen, and MX, as well as financial institutions Keystone Community Bank and Cornerstone Community Credit Union.

About Atomic:

Over 160 financial institutions, fintech companies, and partners, including 13 of the biggest fintech applications delivering a digital-first neobank, alternative lending, cryptocurrency exchanges, and digital brokerages, rely on Atomic as the market-leading supplier of payroll connection. Atomic’s payroll integrations give customers access to their financial data, automate the setup and updating of direct deposits, digitize income and employment verifications, pay back debts from their paychecks, access earned but unpaid wages, access tax filing benefits, support financial wellness benefits through its new EmployerLink solutions and digitize income and employment verifications.

With a suite of API solutions that covers over 480 distinct payroll connections, including established payroll providers, custom enterprise solutions, modern HR tech providers, gig-economy platforms, and government systems, Atomic simplifies challenging payroll and human resource platform integrations.

Atomic has been named one of CB Insights’ Fintech 250, the Best Banking Transaction Solution by Fintech Breakthrough Awards, and one of the Top Workplaces for 2022. Investors such as Greylock, Mercato Partners, Core Innovation Capital, Portage, and ATX Venture Partners contributed $78.6 million to Atomic.