We have performed a wide range of workforce planning projects including (but not limited to) workforce planning process design and knowledge transfer, workforce forecasting, labor market analysis/sourcing strategies, location choice, workforce business requirements and gap analysis, and strategic workforce plan development.

Manufacturing Organisation – Emphasis was on helping the client forecast and plan for its workforce to realize an aggressive growth strategy and mitigate risks associated with an aging population of ‘critical’ talent. This company is expected to lose approximately 1,000 people per year to retirement and as much as 60 percent of its workforce over the next decade. Among other implications, the potential financial impact of these exits included turnover costs estimated at $45 million to $90 million per year. The new workforce planning process allowed leaders to forecast and assess critical talent gaps leading to targeted decisions about specific buy and build strategies. Also, the enhanced forecasting ability that was adopted provided tighter forecasts of future employee costs to planners in the finance function and has become part of the annual financial planning cycle.

Creating A Workforce Planning & Analytics Division For A National Oil Company – A joint company/ Mercer team was engaged for 10 months on a Strategic HC Management Project to determine how best to attract, develop, motivate, and retain the talent required to meet business goals. To achieve these workforce outcomes, fact-based decisions need to be quickly agreed upon, targets set and tracked. Using Human Capital (HC) Scan and Mercer’s Internal Labor Market statistical modeling tools to explain what drives workforce outcomes such as performance, retention, and development this approach identified changes to policies, and practices unique to each business and workforce segment to improve their ability to secure a worldclass workforce and manage it effectively. Creation of an HC Dashboard to allow for continuous measurement and assessment of key workforce drivers and outcomes. In addition, Mercer trained a select group of HR professionals to use workforce diagnostic and reporting tools to support strategic workforce planning and analysis on an ongoing basis.