Talent Systems ®, an actor in acting and analysis software that combines talent with its agents and actors, has acquired the Tribez Casting Platform, becoming the world’s leading talent show. The company also acquired Staff Me Up, a leading professional development team with a strong focus on unwritten products. With these add-ons, Talent Systems can provide endless indexes with all the tools they need to master role-playing and design their products.

eTribez Casting Platform, formerly run by Tribribez CEO Eli Abayan, introduced the world’s most famous realities, including “Survivor”, “Big Brother”, “Idol”, “Love Island” and “The Big Chef”. “Staff Me Up, led by CEO Jared Tobman, is a network of excellence with competent and creative staff, developed by Coded for Inclusion, working with various support organizations and studios, including A + E Networks, Warner Bros. Discovery, Banijay, At Americas and Amazon Studios, improvements include hiring pre-represented groups.

“These acquisitions extend the Talent Systems offerings into the reality TV vertical through both talent casting and crew staffing, We are also excited to continue to grow and support Coded for Inclusion in collaboration with the Staff Me Up team.”

                                                                      – Talent Systems Co-CEOs Alex Amin and Rafi Gordon.

More than eight million people registered on the Tribrib Casting Platform. This ultimate software provides a secure pre-registration system and helps migrate directories, production facilities, and networks to manage tens of thousands of hosted applications. Staff Me Up joins 350,000 independent team members for private production in more than 3,000 networks, studios, and production facilities, and nine of its members join the Talent Systems team.

Later this year, Tribrib Casting Platform will be restructured under Talent Systems’ portfolio, while Tribez will continue to manage its own stand-alone production management. In the coming months, Staff Me Up will expand its employment and network, which currently targets unregistered employees, in recorded television and film production.

Talent Systems is the umbrella company for Cast It Systems, Casting Networks®, Spotlight, Casting Frontier, and Modasphere. These platforms, together with the Tribez Casting Platform and Staff Me Up, will continue to work independently, promoting individual skills.