Tandym Group replaces The Execu | Finding the group as a leading provider for employee responses, staff contracts, interviews, and recruitment and office services throughout the United States. The company’s history of strong growth and reputation as an international employee and intermediary with consumers and competitors in various industrial regions has led to a name change that came after a thorough rebranding.

“Our rebranding is more than a new name, logo, and color palette. It’s an opportunity for us to better communicate our strategic vision and the ways in which we support our clients in navigating the constantly changing and demanding labor and business markets. We have grown over the last three decades, diversifying and deepening our expertise while expanding into a national footprint. Through this evolution, we’ve always worked alongside our client and candidate partners with a consultative approach—and our brand needed to reflect that. Our new name perfectly aligns our identity with the highly personalized service our clients and candidates expect from us.”

                                                                                    – Larry Dolinko, CEO, Tandym Group

In an increasingly complex environment of skilled workers, the organization works closely with clients and writes the same. The new version strengthens this interaction, is very flexible, and is faced with responses. With the right focus and resources consistent with the company’s common mission, the restructuring included all high-end companies – Tandym Health, Tandym Life Science, Tandym Pro, and Tandym Tech – under the same identity.

“Today is an important event for our company. Our name has been good for us for many years, but it’s time for our brand to accept what we are now and where we are going in the future. To achieve their goals. “

“Our improvement comes from constantly dedicating ourselves to our customers and improving our corporate vision. The name ‘Tandym’ captures the idea of ​​partnership and solidarity, a foundation for what we can do and a symbol of what we truly value. “