Wednesday, September 28, 2022


This virtual event will discuss the latest developments related to employee retention. State of Employee retention has become a burning problem for organizations today. The “Great Resignation” has been one of the major trends disrupting workplaces in recent times. Organizations are scrambling to retain key talent and are looking for sustainable ways to increase employee retention.

Several factors have contributed to this increase in turnover and shift in power dynamics between employees and employers. Organizations must rethink their work arrangements, culture, benefits, and rewards strategies, and, most importantly, how they value and treat their employees.

Some of the State of employee retention topics to be discussed during this event include:

  • market trends affecting employee retention
  • how employees are reconsidering the role of work in their lives
  • the significance of positive organizational culture and ethical work values
  • focus on employee well-being both inside and outside the workplace
  • the role of social connections and managerial relationships
  • the consequences of high turnover on business outcomes and workplace morale
  • the impact of HR strategies such as benefits, work arrangements, employee development, etc.
  • the costs and benefits associated with various retention strategies
  • what best practices may look like in the area of employee retention