Wednesday, August 17, 2022


This virtual event will focus on the interconnected topics of employee and State of human experience. State of Human experience goes beyond both customer and employee experience. This event will include presentations on a range of issues related to human interactions, specifically the experiences of employees and other stakeholders in today’s work environment. 

We will cover areas such as indicators of today’s employee experience and the impact of those experiences on issues such as performance, retention, and engagement. We will also look at how those experiences can be improved and what best practices look like in this area. We will delve into the roles that various HR functions play in shaping the employee experience, from performance management to benefits programs to corporate culture.

In addition, we will highlight why it is important to look at such issues from the perspective of the “whole person.” This not only helps us see workers as fellow human beings but also allows us to consider the experiences of other stakeholders, such as customers, contractors, service providers, and more.