October 26-27, 2022


This one-day virtual event will explore the current state of legal, compliance, and employment law. To some HR professionals, this can seem like an overwhelming topic because laws and regulations vary from region to region, can be difficult to interpret, and are often in a state of change due to new laws and legal interpretations, especially considering the struggles of working in a pandemic.

Experts will look at the current state of compliance and employment law both from a macro perspective and from the perspective of specific issues that today’s HR professionals find challenging. Which issues are creating the most stress and uncertainty? What are the recommendations for addressing those issues?

In addition, we will be looking at recent changes and anticipating future ones. What legal challenges arose during the coronavirus pandemic, and what is on the horizon in light of recent changes such as the new administration in the U.S.? How has the move to more remote work environments changed employer obligations? This event will not only help HR professionals understand the issues but will share how processes, services, and technologies are helping some organizations cope.