This virtual event will focus on HR metrics and state of People Analytics one of the most challenging yet critical responsibilities facing today’s HR professionals. State of People Analytics research shows that, although most HR professionals consider analytical expertise an important skill, it remains a skill that too few in the industry possess. Our event will delve into today’s HR metrics and analytics usage and current skill gaps. It will also answer a range of related questions, including:

  • In which HR functional areas are People Analytics most essential?
  • How difficult is it to collect and properly integrate data used for analytics?
  • What technologies are most useful in the collection, visualization, and analysis of HR-related data?
  • What factors are hindering HR analytics?
  • How can non-HR information be integrated into HR data to arrive at meaningful findings that aid business planning?
  • Which types of visualization and reporting tools and practices are most effective at helping executives understand HR trends and the implications of HR strategies and practices?
  • How successful are HR professionals at workforce planning, and where is this trend moving in the future?