Wednesday, September 7, 2022


This one-day research virtual event will focus on the array of HR digital applications for organizations, often collectively known as the HR technology stack, or “HR tech stack.” HR technologies have already transformed many aspects of the HR function, and these technologies continue to evolve quickly, specifically under the pressures of dealing with the pandemic.  

Throughout the webcast sessions in this event, key trends will be explored relating to the HR tech stack, including how employers evaluate, choose, implement, integrate, and manage their HR technologies. What issues do tech stacks address? How are technologies incorporated into HR processes and organizational decision-making? How do they improve efficiency and effectiveness? What are the best use cases? 

Not only will the experts speaking at the event delve into these and other questions, but they will also look at emerging technologies and HR professionals’ predictions about how the landscape will evolve over the next several years. In short, this virtual event will provide a detailed snapshot of where the tech stack ecosystem is today, what works, and where it is likely to be in a few years.