Quorbit, a U.K.-based business that specializes in long-term workforce planning solutions for employees in frontline and hourly professions, has been acquired by UKG Inc., a major provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all workers. By integrating strategic planning and employee development, this purchase will assist businesses in achieving new levels of operational excellence and further solidify UKG’s position as a market leader for solutions created with people in mind.

Quorbit, based in Oxford, England, uses thorough modeling, related labor budgets, and recruitment methods to assist big and complex enterprises in strategically planning future personnel decisions. Quorbit, a product of the Google Cloud Platform, which also supports UKG solutions, estimates staffing demands years in advance, enabling businesses to maximize operations while proactively creating chances for personal development for all employees.

“People have more fulfilling work experiences when they’re provided with purposeful training, upskilling, and professional development. The Quorbit team and their solution are powerful additions to UKG and are advancing our UKG Life-work Technology approach, which helps organizations meet both the needs of their business and their people, With more than half a billion dollars invested in R&D annually, UKG will fully integrate Quorbit into our intelligent suite and explore new opportunities for the operational insights created by Quorbit to inform operations, talent management, and employee development.”

– Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG

I am really pleased with everything that the Quorbit team has accomplished, and we are eager to start the next phase of our innovation adventure with UKG, which is renowned for being a leading provider of technology as well as one of the finest employers in the world. As a result of this development, Quorbit and UKG can concentrate on maintaining their leadership position in the HCM market. According to Matt Brown, co-founder, and CEO of Quorbit, “Our shared vision will help organizations be strategic and deliberate in future workplace planning, keeping people at the center of operational excellence.”

As a pioneer in intelligent workforce solutions, UKG will further develop Quorbit’s capabilities by utilizing its extensive domain experience in artificial intelligence. In 2023, users of UKG in the manufacturing, retail, logistics, food service, and hospitality sectors should have access to new functionalities.

We are aware that when businesses care for their employees, they can do more. In order to achieve this aim, our acquisition of Quorbit is a reflection of our dedication to offering every employer the broadest array of options imaginable. According to Chris Todd, CEO of UKG, UKG is transforming the relationship between people and work by challenging businesses everywhere to rethink what is possible when people are empowered, feel strongly connected to their job, and have a strong sense of purpose.

About UKG

Our goal at UKG is to serve individuals. We support outstanding workplaces and develop lasting relationships with our clients because we firmly think that culture and belonging are the keys to success. This is done to demonstrate what is achievable when companies invest in their employees. Our Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, which was born from a historic merger that produced one of the world’s top HCM cloud companies, assists more than 70,000 organizations worldwide and across all industries in anticipating and adapting to their employees’ needs outside of work.